01. Police believe the same bank robber is using different [disguises] in his hold-ups around town.
02. The men who stole paintings worth over $1 million from the museum were apparently [disguised] as security guards.
03. It only took my son about two seconds to recognize me [disguised] as Santa Claus at his daycare Christmas party.
04. He chewed gum in an effort to [disguise] the smell of alcohol on his breath.
05. The undercover policeman was able to enter the motorcycle gang's clubhouse [disguised] as a drug dealer.
06. The Princess [disguised] herself as a man so that she could fight for her country with the other soldiers.
07. The young man [disguised] himself using a wig, false beard and dark sunglasses.
08. In the 1960s, the members of the Beatles often had to [disguise] themselves when they went out in public.
09. She [disguised] her voice when she phoned her boyfriend in order to lure him to his surprise birthday party.
10. We put my daughter's medicine in a glass of orange juice in order to [disguise] the taste.
11. Frank Tyger once suggested that opportunity's favorite [disguise] is trouble.
12. Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand once said that speech was given to man to [disguise] his thoughts.
13. John Cheever once observed that the deep joy we take in the company of people with whom we have just recently fallen in love is [undisguisable].
14. Charles Swindoll once remarked that we are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly [disguised] as impossible situations.
15. In Britain, witches were once said to [disguise] themselves as cats. As a consequence, many people refused to talk near a cat, for fear that a witch would learn their secrets.
16. In five of Shakespeare's plays, the heroine [disguises] herself as a man.
17. A Spanish proverb suggests that the heir's tears are but a mask to [disguise] his joy.
18. Everything that we eat, from a pizza to a sandwich, was once living, however its source is [disguised].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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